Can You Trust Amazon Reviews?

When you are considering buying a product on Amazon, how much do the reviews matter to you? Most people see lots of 5 stars and assume that the product must be great! Unfortunately, this may not be the best solution for validating Amazon reviews. Often people are sent free products for positive reviews or they are given refunds if they leave 5-star reviews. If I am ever suspicious of a product, I will use ReviewMeta to check how valid the reviews are.

Review Meta allows you to paste in a link from Amazon to verify if the reviews are valid. I recently purchased a headlamp from Amazon that had almost 3,000 5 star reviews. I received the headlamp and it came with a card that if I left a 5-star review, I would receive a $15 Amazon gift card. To see if this was legit, I left a 5-star review and followed the instructions to email proof of the review. To my surprise, I received a $15 Amazon gift card for an $18 flashlight. When checking the flashlight on Review Meta the adjusted rating was 214 Reviews with 69% potentially unnatural reviews.

Review Meta also offers browser extensions for those who want to quickly check reviews. Next time you plan to purchase something on Amazon, make sure you check if the reviews are valid.

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2 thoughts to “Can You Trust Amazon Reviews?”

  1. That’s great information to have! Thanks! I am always suspicious when a product gets 10% 1-star ratings, especially with tech products, small appliances, etc. There are always some people who complain because their expectations are too high to begin with. Like the person who buys a $400 laptop only to learn he can’t run the latest games on it. Often, an obviously knowledgeable person complains of something that should give any potential buyer cause for concern. Anyway, thanks again for the tip!

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