Weather Extension FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions I get for my Weather(Chrome | Firefox | Opera) extension. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

How to set your location:

How to set options:

How to see Weather radar:

How to change languages:

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85 thoughts to “Weather Extension FAQ”

  1. What’s the meaning of the blue percentage under the temperature?
    Does it mean the probability of precipitation?
    Then i wonder why i got a 2% while its weather icon indicates rain…

  2. We have an iMac that uses Safari. I’ve tried to get Weather Extension on Safari but it is not an available app. I like Safari because it has the time located in the upper side of the screen. Having the time readily available is a feature I need available.

    I have also downloaded Chrome and Weather Extension (the paid version, I think) but the time feature on WE does not work. As a result I don’t use Chrome nor the Weather Extension. Are you going to ever activate the time function? Thanks.

  3. Thank you for this app. It is the only weather app I use. I posted about it on my Facebook and am following you. Also on Twitter.

  4. I have purchased the up grade and now none of the upgrade features are functional, and I am asked to upgrade…again. Why is this?

  5. I use Netvibes as my home page, Firefox my default browser.

    They are owned by a major global technology and aerospace company, and for whatever reason, they simply can’t maintain any weather app. Apparently the RSS feeds from the Weather Channel, Bug, Underground, et al, change frequently and it’s difficult to keep up.

    I was so pleased by this app, it is flawless. It is now on Firefox and Waterfox. I wish it would work on Pale Moon, it would be a clean sweep for me.

    Tim, thank you…

  6. Why can’t I change my location it defaults to a city 100 miles away and when I follow your instructions to change the drop down window will not let me delete or type over. I have tried 4 times I’ve uninstalled – reinstalled. I like your program and have used it for awhile but I have use the 2nd location any time I want my weather. Thanks

    1. Currently you can’t delete the default geo location. The first location will be your default. If you drag and drop the location you can resort them

  7. I have been receiving substantial differences in temperature between the app and the temperature at the house e.g. outside 54F, app 46F. Any ideas? (This does not happen all of the time) How often does the app update? I DO like the app very much !

      1. “What are you comping the temperature to?”
        I am comparing the temperature to both my home and the NWS at Nebraska City, NE zip 68410

  8. My account is upgraded but how do i use it? Do i have to login somewhere? How do i see it working on my other computer with firefox?

  9. You had indicated that we might be able to receive the PRO upgrade by posting and liking. I would like to request such an upgrade. My twitter link is:

    Thank you! I just installed this a few minutes ago…and just aesthetically it looks leaps and bounds better than any other weather Extension for Chrome! I look forward to testing it out and seeing how your extension works…especially during inclimate weather!

    Thank you!!!


    1. Thanks! Please send me a message from the extension contact form. It’s the question mark icon in the bottom right corner of the extension popup

  10. Hi Tim,
    it is a very good add-on, congrats!
    One small thingy though – how can I change the color of the text/digits on the badge? I use a very dark theme on my Firefox and the black tex is not really visible..

  11. Drag & drop does not appear to be working when attempting to move my address up to the default position. Is there a way to delete the address which is currently in the default position?

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