Weather Extension FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions I get for my Weather(Chrome | Firefox | Opera) extension. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

How to set your location:

How to set options:

How to see Weather radar:

How to change languages:

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16 thoughts on “Weather Extension FAQ

  1. Can I set multiple the locations? I just got the pro version only because I thought I can get multiple locations so I could easily flip between them, but I don’t see how. Otherwise I don’t really see the benefit of the “pro” version.

  2. i really like your extension.and it really helpful.thanks for keeping such a good extensions for us.keep the struggles carry on.and i really apprieciate you and your team on this.
    regards hamayun riaz

  3. Hello Tim. Excellent Extension! Much appreciated. I have a PRO subscription for my home computer. Can I extend that to my work computer or do I have to purchase a second PRO pack?

  4. Tim,

    The large temperature icon on the bar is not visible on my screen as the Chrome extension bar is gray and the temp is displayed as white. May be you should add a setting to change the color of the number.

    Just a thought.

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