Weather Extension FAQ

Thanks for installing Weather Extension! Here are some of the frequently asked questions I get for my Weather(Chrome | Firefox | Opera | Edge) extension. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Using a dark browser theme?

Try turning on the “Light Badge” option.

Whenever I close my browser, I lose all my settings?

This is caused by a browser setting that clear all browser data when the browser is closed. To prevent this, you can disable this feature or add an exclusion for extensions that prevent the clearing of extension data.

How do I reactivate my Pro account?

To reactivate your pro subscription, go to the settings in the extension and click on any locked setting. This will take you to the upgrade page where there is a form to upgrade your account.

What browser does Weather Extension support?

Currently, only desktop browsers (Chrome | Firefox | Opera | Edge) are supported. I do recommend DarkSky on iOS and Android

How do I contact from the extension?

The extension has a built-in contact form that can be used to contact support. To located contact form, open the extension and click on the question mark icon in the bottom right corner. There you will see the form to contact support.

Want to add multiple locations?

Multiple locations are a pro feature that requires an upgrade to Weather Pro.

How to set your location?

How to set options?

Does Weather Extension work around the world?

Yes! Weather Extension should work just about everywhere

How accurate are Weather Extension’s weather forecasts?

Very accurate! Weather Extension’s forecasts are powered by Dark Sky, one of the world’s most accurate weather services.

How to see Weather radar?

How to change languages?

Wanting to Track Hurricanes?

One of the best resources on the internet for tracking storms especially hurricanes is Mike’s spaghettimodels website. He often does live streams and keeps the site updated with all the latest models.