Alternative to Keurig: BUNN MCU

Recently I was in the market to replace my Keurig coffee maker. I was tired of paying around .50 cents per cup and wanted to find a cheaper solution. I tried different brewing basket for the Keurig (Keurig My K-Cup and Ekobrew) but they would leak and the coffee would be watered down.

I did some research and discovered the BUNN MCU. It comes with 4 different attachments that allow you to brew a variety of tea and coffee using K-Cups, ground coffee, soft coffee and tea pods, tea bags and loose tea.

Bunn MCU


  • Convenient and flexible
  • Saves money
  • Water is hot and coffee taste great


  • No water reservoir
  • Clean up is harder than K-Cup

I’ve had the BUNN MCU for several months and it’s been great. I’d highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a single serve coffee maker.

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