How to Pin Chrome Extensions in the Toolbar

To pin an extension to the Chrome toolbar, click the extension icon on the toolbar and click the “Pin” icon next to the extension.

A couple of years ago, Google Chrome redesigned the way it shows extensions in the toolbar. By default, now extensions have to be “pinned” before they will show in the toolbar. In this video below, we will teach you how to pin a chrome extension to the toolbar.

Why Pin an Extension?

There is only a limited amount of space on the Chrome toolbar for extensions. As you install more extensions, this space becomes crowded. It would be best if you pinned extensions such as Weather Extension or Link Shortener Extension that have “popups” that you access frequently. However, not all extensions need an icon there. For example, I have a JSON Viewer extension installed. It works in the background, and I do not need to see the extension’s icon all the time.

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