Weather Extension Updated

I am excited to announce Weather Extension has been updated to the latest browser extension manifest v3. Manifest V3 is part of a shift in the philosophy behind how extensions approach end-user security and privacy. Manifest V3 focuses on the three pillars of that vision: privacy, security, and performance, while preserving and improving our foundation of extensions. Overall these changes will make the extension more secure for the end-user.

Manifest v3 required a complete rewrite of many features, including the background task of how Weather Extension updates the temperature badge icon. Most of the issues should be resolved, but if you experience any issues, please let me know at [email protected]

Feature Request

Please send me an email if you have an idea or enhancement for Weather Extension: [email protected]

Dark Sky Shutting Down

Back in March 2020, Dark Sky announce they were acquired by Apple and were shutting down their API and site. This has caused a lot of confusion around the future of Weather Extension. Dark Sky API and the website will be shut down on March 31st, 2023.  My plan is to keep the extension running using other APIs and incorporate Apple’s new Weather Kit API that will offer similar data to Dark Sky. Read More

Migrate Chrome Extensions to Manifest V3

Google has released a timeline for the upgrade to manifest V3, which will force all extensions to be converted to V3 by January 2023. This is frustrating for many developers like me who have several extensions that I rarely update but will require significant changes to move to V3. I have to decide whether to migrate them or let them be deactivated.

This frustration made me realize this could be a massive opportunity for anyone who does migrate their extension to v3, and the five other clones are deactivated because the developers forget to migrate them. Over the next couple of months, I plan to find potential extensions that have not been upgraded in years and have high user counts. There could be several opportunities to build a new version in v3 that users will be forced to migrate to when the old extensions are shut down. I was able to do this with my URL Shortener Extension when Google shut down their shortener service.

What extensions do you use daily that have not been updated in years?


How to Pin Chrome Extensions in the Toolbar

To pin an extension to the Chrome toolbar, click the extension icon on the toolbar and click the “Pin” icon next to the extension.

A couple of years ago, Google Chrome redesigned the way it shows extensions in the toolbar. By default, now extensions have to be “pinned” before they will show in the toolbar. In this video below, we will teach you how to pin a chrome extension to the toolbar.

Read More

Adding New Permissions To Chrome Extension

Wanted to share a quick tip to save you a lot of frustration if you are a Chrome extension developer. Never add a new permission to an existing extension that has “warnings” especially if you have a decent amount of users. If you do, your extension will be disabled for all users. They can reenable but you may lose some users that never reenable the extension. Here is a list of permissions that will disable your extension when updating.

This can be avoided by making the new feature optional and adding new permission updates to optional_permissions in your manifest file. Read More