Nginx Real Time Metrics

To get a better idea of how my server for Weather was handling request, I needed a way to get some insights into nginx. I wanted to calculate request per second and routes being accessed. I came across a great tool call ngxtop, a real-time metrics for nginx server. After a few commands ngxtop was up and running on my Digital Ocean Forge server.

  1. Install ngxtop
    pip install ngxtop
  2. On my forge server, I had to add ngxtop to my path
    sudo nano ~/.bash_profile
  3. Then type and use ctrl +x to save
    export PATH=$PATH:./.local/bin/
  4. Reload bash profile
    source ~/.bash_profile
  5. Finally I had to edit my Nginx Config on Forge and removed this line and restarted nginx
    # access_log off

Some useful commands

  • Run ngxtop
  • View top source IPs of clients
    ngxtop top remote_addr
  • View 404 status codes
    ngxtop -i 'status == 404'

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