Weather Extension

The best way to see the Weather right in your browser. Easier than looking outside! Weather automatically locates and displays your current weather forecast, hourly and 7-day forecast. The app icon will automatically update to your current temperature. Very easy to use with more features coming soon!

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Link Shortener

Want to quickly shorten a url in one click? Then this is the extension for you. Just click the extension to shorten the current page URL or by right-clicking on any link.

  • Easily shorten any link
  • Automatically copies url to clipboard
  • Right-click to shorten url and copy to clipboard
  • Limited permissions
  • Supports T.LY, bitly, goo.gl and more
  • Generate QR code

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Bitcoin Tracker

With Bitcoin growing in popularity and hitting an all-time high, I decided to create a simple tool to stay up to date with the latest price of bitcoin. Bitcoin Tracker is a new extension to quickly show you the current price of a bitcoin and when opened, the extension will show you a chart of the price over the past 30 days.

  • See the latest price of Bitcoin
  • See the price of Bitcoin over the last 30 days

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Weather Tab

WeatherTab replaces your new tab page with the weather! WeatherTab shows a weather-related photo and the current forecast for your location. You can manually set the location by searching. You can also choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius.

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JSON Viewer Extension

JSON in the browser can be hard to read. This extension detects JSON results and makes it easier to read. It’s open-source and helps developers when they view JSON in their browser.

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Link Unshorten

Short urls can disguise malicious or inappropriate sites. Link Unshorten automatically identifies short urls and will uncover the destination of a short url.

  • Preview the destination url for any short url
  • See a screenshot preview of the site

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Read Later

Save tabs to read later and automatically sync between browsers. When you find an article that is worth reading but do not have time, ReadLater allows you to save the tab for another time.

  • Your saved tabs will automatically sync between computers
  • Keep your browser fast by limiting the number of open tabs
  • Right on any link to add it to ReadLater
  • Save hundreds of links

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Simply a blank dark new tab page. Works great with dark themes. Will not slow down your browser and requires limited permissions.

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