Scooch Wingman Case Review

Everyone has a different opinion on phone cases these days. Some people are willing to take the risk and go no case while others go hardcore and carry their phone around in a bulletproof enclosure that they could throw off a building. If you ever see the “no casers”, they often have a cracked screen 😂. I am more in the middle and like a minimal yet protected case for my phone. Knock on wood, so far I have never cracked a phone screen.

Scooch was kind enough to send my wife and me several of their cases and accessories to review. The Scooch Wingman is the case I decided to try. It has a unique “wing” on the back that allows you to hold your phone similar to a pop socket with the ability to collapses flush with the back of the phone. The wing also acts as a stand to prop your phone horizontally and vertically which is great for watching videos and can be used to mount your phone in a horizontal air vent in your car. The case also comes with a metal plate built-in so it will work with a magnetic car mount. The case made out of tough plastic and rubber giving it a grippy yet protective look and feel. My only complaint with this case is to get it to work with my wireless charger, I had to remove the wing on the back (only takes a second). Overall I have been very happy with the Wingman case.

My wife has also enjoyed the Wingman for her iPhone 8+. She has been a long time user of a pop socket and now prefers the Wingman over her previous case with a pop socket. Other friends and family that I have shown the case to are impressed at the design and features. If you are looking for a case that is slim, protective, has a kickstand, and a built-in phone grip, the Wingman is a great option and I highly recommend it!

Scooch has been around since 2015 and has a neat history of product innovations for iPhones, Samsung, and LG. They also give back 10% of all their profits to serve and empower victims of crime and abuse. If you try one of their cases or accessories, please let me know!

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