Tankless Water Heater DeScaling

If you have a tankless water heater, make sure you descale it every couple of years. They sell kits, but you can do it yourself with a 5-gallon bucket, a pair of washer hoses, 2-4 gallons of white vinegar, and a 1/4hp submersible pump.

Hard water contains minerals that can lead to limescale build-up. As lime builds up in the unit, the exchanger needs to work harder and provide hot water. This can significantly shorten the lifespan of this component and cause a marked increase in your utility bills. To make matters worse, the lime buildup isn’t covered in most warranties. As a general rule, your tankless water heater should be flushed once per year to maintain efficiency. However, the hardness of your water plays a part in this, and you may find it better to flush every couple of years. If you follow the steps in the video below, you will save yourself money by doing it yourself, and your tankless water heater will last longer. Make sure you read the manual for your model before attempting to do this yourself.

Parts Needed


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