Want Unlimited Coffee?

Yes, I do! That exactly what I thought when I saw Panera was starting an unlimited coffee subscription for $8.99/month. I thought, what a great deal! I spend more than that on coffee a month so this would be convenient and save me money. I signed up immediately and had been using it for the past couple of weeks until the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Because of the pandemic, they gave me the next 60 days for free which I felt was very generous.

So overall my experience has been great. I pass Panera on the way to work and pick up my coffee. There is almost never a wait and the coffee is consistent. In my opinion, the coffee is not as good as Starbucks but it does the job. The subscription also includes hot tea and iced coffee. I have tried the iced coffee twice and both times it tasted watered down. That may just be my location so you should try it and see how your experience goes.

The subscription price is under 30¢ a day for any size, any flavor: Light roast, dark roast, hazelnut, decaf, iced coffee, or hot tea. I definitely recommend you giving it a try for one month. Click here to signup for MyPanera+ Coffee 

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