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Most people are probably familiar with Nest cameras or Ring cameras. These are great but cost over $200 and require a subscription. Recently I came across a company called Wyze that makes a smart home camera that is affordable ($25) and require no subscription. Almost seems too good to be true. I decided to give one a try and see if how well they work.

After using the camera for over a week, I am very impressed. The picture quality is great, the app is simple and intuitive, and they are easy to set up. The only negative is currently they do not offer an outdoor camera. But several companies offer outdoor enclosures and I would imagine an outdoor version is coming soon.

Currently, my camera is located outside in my screened-in porch and has not had any issues. As long as the camera does not get wet, you should be fine.


  • Low cost ($25)
  • Free 14 day cloud storage for motion/sound events
  • Tilt and pan camera
  • Motion and Sound alerts
  • Record up to 8 days continuously on a 32gb sd card
  • Wireless
  • USB powered
  • Low profile
  • 1080p HD
  • Works with Alexa

I highly recommend getting one of these cameras. At such a low price and no subscription, make the wyze choice.

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4 thoughts to “Best Smart Home Camera”

  1. Tim,

    There are several comments on Amazon that this camera, cannot be shut off, and is actually always transmitting to the cloud…please check it out and let me know what you think

    1. I have not noticed that but it is possible. To be safe, I’d recommend unplugging them or use a smart outlet that you can activate. Currently mine is outside my house so I’m not too concerned with it.

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