Outdoor Wyze Camera

Wyze cameras are some of the best indoor cameras that exist in the market. They are affordable($25), easy to set up and work great! But what about outdoor cameras?

Currently, there are several outdoor enclosures being sold on Amazon. Some of them look pretty good and would most likely work but for the cost, I’m not sure it is worth it. This guy decided to save the cost of an outdoor case and just risk the camera to the elements.

So what about outdoor cameras made by Wyze? There recent Q&A episode, they discussed what is coming in 2019. To my excited, they announced outdoor Wyze cameras and rtsp support in 2019. I’m planning to get a few of them and use an old monitor as a home security monitoring system. Look for a post coming soon!

If you have not bought a Wyze cam, what are you waiting for?

2 thoughts to “Outdoor Wyze Camera”

    1. It depends. If you have a doorbell already with power, the ring may be a better option but the wyze will serve the same purpose if you have a way to power it.

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