Outdoor Wyze Camera

Wyze cameras are some of the best indoor cameras that exist in the market. They are affordable($25), easy to set up and work great! But what about outdoor cameras?

Currently, there are several outdoor enclosures being sold on Amazon. Some of them look pretty good and would most likely work but for the cost, I’m not sure it is worth it. This guy decided to save the cost of an outdoor case and just risk the camera to the elements.

So what about outdoor cameras made by Wyze? There recent Q&A episode, they discussed what is coming in 2019. To my excited, they announced outdoor Wyze cameras and rtsp support in 2019. I’m planning to get a few of them and use an old monitor as a home security monitoring system. Look for a post coming soon!

If you have not bought a Wyze cam, what are you waiting for?

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15 thoughts to “Outdoor Wyze Camera”

  1. If your front door/porch area is enclosed, is it better to just use a WYZE cam instead of a ring doorbell?

    1. It depends. If you have a doorbell already with power, the ring may be a better option but the wyze will serve the same purpose if you have a way to power it.

    2. @F1SHSTIXX:

      My front door / porch area is enclosed as well. Now I have BOTH … A Ring doorbell and a Wyze Cam at my front door / porch area.

      To be honest, I like the Wyze camera better as I personally find the video quality better and I don’t have to open a separate app on my iPhone or/& iPad to view my front door / porch area … ( I have a total of six Wyze cameras right now so with the app, I am able to view all six cameras @ the same time )

      1. Thanks for sharing Kenny. If you have a good way to mount Wyze camera with power then it is the best option. I still like the ring doorbell for the appearance and ability to get get power from existing doorbell.

  2. hello my name is dave ,I live in a trailer park ,I want to put up cameras but no nothing about them or what to even use ,we have had trouble here in the park to my property and would like to no a camera that would record good and take on the cold weather thank you

  3. I understand there are weatherproof boxes to put the Wyze cameras in. Are they realistic? I cannot imagine that it could keep the camera’s parts working properly.

    1. The cameras are durable. If you can keep them dry, they will last. I’ve seen some reports of them lasting years in negative temperatures.

    2. I purchased a plastic outdoor case ($10) from amazon and sealed the cracks with gorilla brand waterproof silicone sealant and I haven’t had any issues over the last month and it’s rained a few times. Only time will tell. I Am however looking forward to the release of the Wyze outdoor cameras. I’m hoping by March.

  4. I am waiting for the WYZE Outdoor camera to be released before I purchase several.
    I hope they also are working on a WYZE Application I can install on my IMac.

  5. I came across someone who took the Wyze cam apart to show the insides, has anyone taken the guts and installed them in an actual outside security cam housing? This seems like the best way, im just having a hard time finding a compatible one, mostly browsing ebay and alibaba. The Amazon “outdoor” enclosures look like someone can easily rip it off the wall, I need something a bit more secure and will take effort to remove.

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