Blogging 2017

I recently discovered a blogger called John Saddington who has been blogging everyday for over 15 years. What an amazing accomplishment! Most people don’t keep their new year’s resolution for more than a few weeks but he has managed to write everyday for 15 years.

He shared a video by Sal Ferrarello that encouraged me to put more focus on my blog. He titled his post, “Blogging: Best Thing I’ve Done as a Developer“. This 10 minute video is definitely worth your time. (slides)


John recently started a daily vlog where he has been covering Tim Ferriss’s new book Tools of Titans. You should definitely get the book and follow along.

If you start a blog I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or find me on twitter.

One thought to “Blogging 2017”

  1. I plan to start blogging this year. I’m a developer and I’ve been told it could really help me coding. Any advice for just staring out?

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