Has Everything Already Been Invented?

There is a famous quote “Everything that can be invented has been invented” believed to be by Charles H. Duell a commissioner of US patent office from 1889. Even though this quote is not accurate, it shows that many people believe the best inventions already exist. Of course, we know today this is not true. Think of the many inventions created in the past 30 years from technology to medical advances.

It is true that new ideas are hard to come by. I often find myself asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It seems that all my “good” ideas are already taken. The key is to remember that there may not be many new ideas, but that you can always improve existing products, apps, etc.

Should you start a blog?

The short answer is YES! Hopefully, the next few paragraphs will motivate you on the importance of having your own blog.

Be careful of saying I’ll create one later.

Today’s greatest labor-saving device is tomorrow.” Woodrow Wilson

Over the past few years of writing for this blog, I’ve come to realize the value it brings and I think it’s something everyone should have.

You may be thinking, I’m not good at writing. First of all neither am I but somehow I have over 70 post and 1.2 million views! I do have a little help from Grammarly. Read More

Nginx Split Test A/B

Have you ever wanted to split test multiple pages on your website? You could use a WordPress plugin called Simple Page Tester but you are limited to testing two urls at a time. After some searching, I came across a simple way to split test multiple URLs using Nginx split client module.

First, add this section to the top of your Nginx Config:

split_clients "${remote_addr}AAA" $destination {
 20% https://example.com/page-1/;
 30% https://example.com/page-2/;
 40% https://example.com/page-3/;
 10% https://example.com/page-4/;

Next, add a rewrite rule to your server section:

server {
 rewrite ^/rewrite-url-goes-here/$ $destination redirect;

Finally, restart Nginx to see the changes:

sudo service nginx restart

Hope this is helpful. It can also be used to redirect Nginx to random URLs. Let me know if you have any questions below.

Marketing To Developers

If you’re a developer and have ever tried to market your own app or website, you’ve most likely discovered that the biggest challenge isn’t the building but the marketing of your app. When trying to come up with creative ways to spread the word about my weather extension, I came across Justin Jackson. Justin has a great story (video) of how he has been able to go independent selling books and courses on helping developers market their products. He offers a lot of free content with some great tips and strategies. Read More