Canceling Hulu

Recently I signed up for Hulu to watch the last season of Lost. Spoiler alert the last season is quite disappointing. After searching for something else to watch on Hulu and not being able to find anything interesting, I decided to cancel.

This should be simple but then there wouldn’t be a need for this blog post. Below are 6 screenshots of the clicks it took to cancel Hulu from their web app. I applaud there to attempt to get me to stay subscribed. It is frustrating to think of the number of people who think they cancel but stay subscribed. A simple confirmation box to cancel should be all that is needed to cancel a service. After clicking cancel 5 times, they sent me an email asking me to reactivate my account 😒

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3 thoughts to “Canceling Hulu”

  1. Sounds like the Uncle Remus’ story of The Tar Baby–you get tangled up with it and you can’t out, just stuck more and more.

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