Top Five (4/30/21)

This is the list of the top five things I found interesting this week. This could range from movies, websites, apps, books, YouTube videos, and more. My goal is to do this every week. Be sure to let me know what you find interesting so I can include it in my list.

Ninja Blender

I’ve been making smoothies at home for years now and this blender has been great. It makes cleanup easy since the cup is washable. I recommend buying the frozen bags of fruit from the store and add milk, honey, and anything else you would like.

Amazon Link

Hacker News

If you enjoy staying up to date on tech news, Hacker News is a great site to see the top tech stories of the day. The site is a basic list of titles and URLs but it almost always has interesting links to tech-related content.

from total bust to #1 on Hacker News in under 24 hours | Jay Clouse



I have been a big fan of Wyze for the past few years. They now offer many tech products even including a smart irrigation controller. The main product that gained them popularity is the cameras. To date, I have over 12 products from Wyze. The latest V3 camera from Wyze has been great and I highly recommended it.

Wyze Cam v2: Is This Cheap Camear Good? |

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Apple AirTags

This past week Apple introduced AirTags, a direct competitor to Tile Trackers. Apple’s main advantage is the AirTags take advantage of all Apple devices with Find My installed. This really is the killer advantage and makes me want to buy an AirTag.



Smarter Every Day

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