Rapid Ring App

I’ve been using the Ring Doorbell Pro for the past couple of years. It has been a great camera/doorbell with very few issues. Ring recently released a new app for iOS and Android that allows quick access to view the camera. It is called Rapid Ring. The original Ring app is great for video playback and changing settings but at times it is so slow the person ringing your door may have already left. Rapid Ring quickly loads the video feed of any Ring device. If you are experiencing slowness with the current Ring app, I recommend trying Rapid Ring App.

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3 thoughts to “Rapid Ring App”

  1. I haven’t loaded the app yet, but, according to a lot of users who have, Rapid Ring opens to a menu, rather than directly to camera, thus wasting enough time to make it basically useless for the intended purpose. I will try it myself, but the app is only getting 2.8 stars from 153 users who have rated it. Not a good sign, nor do I usually install apps with such a poor rating. Have you actually used the app? On Android or iOS? Perhaps there is a difference in how the app performs on those operating systems.

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