AirPods Pro Clone Review

I purchased the original AirPods back in 2017 when they were first released. They have been my favorite product of the past couple of years and I highly recommend them. Recently I noticed the batteries in the pods not lasting as long as they used to. I was considering getting the new AirPod Pros that are noise canceling. When researching them, I started seeing several companies offering clones that claimed to be as good as the real AirPods for a quarter of the price. I decided to try a pair of AirPod Pro Clones to see how they compared to the real thing.

Black Moon Electronics was kind enough to send me a pair of their Air Pro 3 headphones. They cost $59.95 and come in black or white. I decided to go with white to match what Apple offers. Upon receiving them, I immediately noticed the packaging resembled Apple. They are a 1:1 replica and are hard to tell the difference by looking at them.


  • Price
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Multiple sized ear tips included
  • Good battery life
  • Mic quality is comparable to original AirPods


  • Noise cancellation does not work
  • Ear detection is too sensitive. I had to disable it

Overall for the price, I think they are a good option if you want AirPod like headphones but do not want to pay Apple’s price. They are so similar that I worry people are buying fake AirPods from Craigslist or Facebook Market thinking they are buying the real thing.

Check out this video on ways to tell the difference between real and fake AirPods.


This guy does a great job reviewing all the different versions of AirPod Clones.

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