Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

In the past, I have always been skeptical about solar-powered lights. They were either not very bright or would not last very long. I wanted to add some lighting to my firepit but did not want to run power to them. I decided to test some to see how well they would work. I found the LITOM Solar Landscape Spotlights on Amazon. They are waterproof, look nice, and have good reviews.

So far my 6 solar-powered lights have worked for over 6 months with no issue. They are bright enough for lighting the firepit and stay on for hours even though they do not get a lot of sun where they are located.

5 thoughts to “Solar Powered Outdoor Lights”

  1. I think today solar yard lights are decent enough to get. And they are so much nicer than running wire across your yard too.

  2. I bought a 4-pack of these same lights in Sep 2019. They have been staked in the ground for nearly a year (including a rather inhospitable northeast Ohio winter). Still working fine. I like that they provide just enough light for a highlight without being blindingly bright. They make for very nice landscape highlights.

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