Simple Under Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting can improve the functionality and look of your kitchen. With today’s LED light strips, installing them is a breeze. The most challenging part is finding the power to conceal your power plug. If you already have a plug inside your cabinets for your microwave or behind your fringe, using an existing outlet makes this a great DIY weekend project. If you have to add power inside a cabinet, you may need additional assistance.

I decided to use some affordable LED lights strips from Amazon. They had good reviews and multiple options on how they could be connected. In total, my kitchen took nine LED light strips. I also purchased three extra lights to use as replacements in the future if any of them go bad. This kit comes in soft white and daylight, so make sure you get the right color to match your existing lights. I also used an extension power plug to join lights over a gap.

I then used Wyze smart plugs to make them turn on/off automatically. Depending on your setup, this can be done on a schedule or by motion. Overall the project has dramatically improved the productivity and appearance of our kitchen and only took an hour to install. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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4 thoughts to “Simple Under Cabinet Lighting”

    1. Thanks! On one side of my kitchen, I was able to hide the cables and use the power behind the fridge. The other side is still a work in progress, and I still need to make a few changes before I am happy with how it looks. Getting power to hide the cables is the hardest part of this project.

      1. Nice. For us, the bottom of our cabinets are not smooth. So i’d have to cut a small slit to run the wire from cabinet to cabinet.

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