Ways to Preview Short Links

A short link is a URL with fewer characters that redirects to a longer destination URL. There are several reasons for wanting to shorten a link. They take less time to type, are easier to remember, easier to share, and allow click tracking. You may see short links from services like T.LY, Bitly, TinyURL shared around the web. Shortening a link masks the original link, and its true destination becomes unknown. It’s important to know the destination when clicking on a link, especially if the short link is on an untrusted website or email.

Most popular link shortener services show the final destination by adding a + to the URL. Here is an example: https://t.ly/c55j+

Link Unshorten

Another option is to paste the short link into Link Unshorten. Link Unshorten works by requesting the short link and following redirects to find the true final destination. Link Unshorten also has tools that detect malicious sites and allows you to check if a site is safe. It also loads a screenshot of the website. Link Unshorten also has an extension that automatically detects short URLs.

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