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Link Unshortener is a tool to get information about a link before visiting it. As a safety practice, you should always check links that you are not familiar with before you visit them. Link Unshortener shows you the final destination and any security concerns when you expand a shortened link. You never know where a short URL is going to take you. Browsing with Link Unshorten will check the site for malicious content and alert you before you visit a suspicious site.

Using Link Unshortener will help you to determine if a website contains malicious software or is a phishing site. It is powered by data from Google Safe Browsing and other tools.

Link Shortener Support

Link Unshorten supports all link shortening services due to the fact that it programmatically follows URL redirects to their final destination. If you enter a short link, it will discover the final destination.


For added protection, we will show you a blurry screenshot of the destination website. Just hover over the image to reveal more details.

Do I have to install anything?

No, Link Unshorten is a free web application that is simple to use. Just paste any link into the search box to discover the final destination URL of any shortened link.

How many Link Shorteners exist?

There are thousands of link shortener sites that exist or have existed. They often are shut down due to malicious activity or the creator moves on from the project. A new URL shortener that is gaining traction is T.LY. It has a great domain for shortening links and has many advantages over Bitly.

How Can I Automatically Expand Short Links?

If you install the Link Unshortener extension, most common URL shorteners will automatically expand for you before navigating to the final destination. This extension is a simple way to browse the web safely. Link Unshortener Extension Install


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  1. What does yours do better than ? I installed it just because it came up in the chrome store with a good rating. Is there a good reason to change?

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