Will iPhone X cases work for the Xs?

With the preorder of my new iPhone Xs, I was faced with this question, “Will iPhone X cases work for the Xs?”. After some research, it appeared all cases for the iPhone X would work for the Xs. Unfortunately, after ordering the Torras case, I discovered this is not true.

The iPhone Xs has a larger camera lens and some iPhone X cases will not fit. Luckily the Torras reached out and offered to send me the iPhone Xs version of the case at no extra charge. Great customer service!

I would recommend ordering iPhone cases that is designed to fit the Xs to ensure the camera lens is not covered. The Spigen Liquid Crystal is a good option if you want a minimal case.

What case do you plan to use?

iPhone x in Apple iPhone Xs leather case

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5 thoughts to “Will iPhone X cases work for the Xs?”

  1. I would recommend the MagBak case. It has served me well on the iPhone 8 Plus, with protection from drops, but the big plus is that the MagBak has a magnetic backing, that allows for minimalist mounting in a car, and works with Qi charging.

  2. I use the lifeproof frē case and the phone fits in the case fine but it seems like they may of changed the location of a photocell. When I’m on a phone conversation my phone screen goes black like it would if it were pressing against your head to keep you from hitting buttons while talking. Very annoying because I can’t end my phone calls.

  3. Great
    I’m currently using the iPhone X .I must say the enhanced features in portrait mode and the speed increase is very tempting.
    Look forward for more reviews.

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