Clckr Case Review

After trying several stand/cases for my iPhone 12 pro, I think I finally found the perfect case. The Clckr case/stand is a perfect combination that works great if you want a stand and grip all in one. They designed a great product and I have really enjoyed using it for the past few weeks.

Originally I tried the minimal version but found it to be too flimsy and didn’t add very much drop protect. I reached out to the company and they offered to replace it with the clear standard case for the iPhone 12 pro. I really like the look and feel of the clear standard case. My only complaint is the volume buttons and lock buttons are hard to press compared to other cases I have used. My suggestion to improve the case would be to add magnets to the stand to replace the current click method. I think adding magnets would make this case perfect! For now, this is going to be my new phone case and hopefully, they will add magnets to the stand in a future model. I highly recommend the Clckr case!

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