Wyze Surveillance Monitor using Raspberry Pi

Do you have a Wyze camera and wish you could display it on a monitor? Wyze cameras work great through the app (iPhone/Android) but are not viewable on computers. Fortunately, Wyze released a custom RTSP firmware for their camera. This opened up a lot of possibilities.

Currently, I have a custom home dashboard that is using a Raspberry Pi and an old Dell 22 inch monitor. The home dashboard displays our calendars, room temperatures (EcoBee API), and weather forecast. Additionally, I wanted to display two Wyze cameras on half of the monitor. One of the front yard of our house and the other which shows the playroom. Great for seeing when people come over and great for watching the kids. Here are the steps I had to do to accomplish this.


  1. Flash the firmware on cameras you want to display with the Wyze RTSP firmware following their guide. Be aware that you will be running a slightly older version of the official firmware that does not have all the latest features.
  2. Test the streams using VLC on your computer
  3. Follow the install steps on DisplayCameras Project
  4. Configure your camera on-screen locations. This will depend on how many cameras you want to display and the location you want them to be.
  5. Set up your own home dashboard. Dakboard is a good option if you don’t want to create your own



This guide assumes basic knowledge of configuring a Raspberry Pi. Make sure your Raspberry Pi and cameras have a good wifi connection. I was having random disconnects and discovered it was because my Raspberry Pi was wireless and kept losing connection. I upgraded to the Eero Pro and it fixed the issue. If possible, I recommend hard wiring your Raspberry Pi.

Display Cameras uses OMXPlayer and will overlay on top of Dakboard. My dashboard launches Chrome browser in Kiosk mode and the camera feeds are displayed on top of the browser.


Make sure you add an IP reservation in your router for your cameras or they will get a new address when they are power cycled. If they get a new ip, you will have to update the RTSP url in your Display Camera config.

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      1. I may look into it. I don’t have any experience with Pi… but it’s winter… I need a new indoor hobby after work right? 🙂

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