Smart Light Switches

Ever wanted to control a light switch on a schedule? What about turning them on when your Wyze camera detects motion?  Smart light switches are great for automating lights on different schedules, voice commands, and other events such as motion from cameras. Most smart switches work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. If you prefer Siri on iOS, make sure you pick one that supports Homekit. Surprisingly they are affordable at around $20.

My goal was to be able to control lights outside my house to turn on/off at night on a schedule. To do this, I had to replace the dumb switches with a smart switch. This requires some knowledge of electrical wiring such as what is the load, line, negative, and ground wire. You also need to make sure you get a 3-way switch if you have two switches that control the light. Make sure you turn off the power at the breaker!

Tools Needed

If you ever need to control power outlets, check out my guide on custom smart outlets to control lamps.

Wireless Temperature Sensor

My goal of this project was to track the temperature in different rooms in my house using multiple temperature sensors to send the data back to a raspberry pi and have the data stored historically so I could display it in charts and send alerts. As a follow up to my wireless power outlet project, I wanted to use the 433mhz receiver. I came across some wireless temperature sensors that work over 433mhz. These temperature sensors are great because they are cheap, well built, battery powered and outdoor resistant. I was surprised at how difficult it is to decode the signal coming from the temperature sensors. Read More