Dell 34 Ultra Wide Monitor Review (U3417W)

My primary monitor for the past several years has been the Dell U2412M, a 24 inch ultra sharp 1920×1200. It has been a great monitor and it has served me well. I recently was able to sell it to a friend and decided to upgrade.

I found a great deal on SlickDeals $300 and purchased the Dell S2817Qr, a 28 inch 4k monitor. After using the Dell S2817Qr for a few days I quickly realized I had to return it. Since the monitor is so large and has a TN panel, the viewing angles are horrible I had to strain my eyes to use the monitor. Also, the colors were washed out. I decided 4k was not for me and I wanted an IPS panel. When it comes to monitors, I believe you get what you pay for. The Dell S2817Qr may work for someone who is on a budget and needs 4k, otherwise, I do not recommend it. Check out this video for a comparison of IPS vs TN.

After some more research, I decided to get the Dell U3417W, an ultra wide 34 inch 3440 x 1440 monitor. It’s huge! I can have 2-3 full applications open at the same time. If you like dual monitors than ultra wide is the way to go. You get the pixel real estate without the bezel in the middle. Also since it’s not 4k, you don’t have to scale the text to actually see. It fits great on my Jarvis standing desk and my monitor arm is able to support it. If you are a developer I would highly recommend the Dell U3417W.

Leave a comment below of the monitor you are using.

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