Ergo Depot Jarvis: Standing Desks Review

I’ve been considering a standup desk for some time now primarily for the health benefits. After some research, I decided to purchase the Ergo Depot Jarvis standing desk. Overall it’s been wonderful. It raises to a max height of 51″ which is suitable for someone like me who is 6′ 5″. Check out this calculator to estimate the correct height. It is very well built and feels sturdy with a 350lb lifting capacityI plan to buy a standing desk mat to improve the comfort when standing for long periods of time.

Another option is to buy just the Jarvis frame and build your own top. This would allow you to customize the desktop and possibly save money. I also noticed (after I purchased mine) an open box special that is $479.

The kit I purchased came in 3 in the boxes. The desk, frame and a adjustable monitor mount, that I highly recommend. The desk took approximately 3 hours to assemble. Some of this time was spent organizing cables using zip ties.



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2 thoughts to “Ergo Depot Jarvis: Standing Desks Review”

  1. I have a similar desk and love it. Thought I’d mention a few things from my experience.

    To keep my desk ‘clean’ I added a shelf below attached to the back (bottom). It is about 12 inches and fills the width between the legs (although not attached to the legs). I set external drives and USB devices on the shelf so they are stationary in relation to my computers and keep the desktop looking good.

    I also have a Texas Redwood top… don’t do that.. the soft wood gets imprinted by writing pens if you don’t have a pad. I added a power strip and a network router under table top so I only have three (including USB) tie wrapped cords to the floor. I then ran the cables inside a flexible plumbing line attached just above the baseboard to my other desk behind me for that ‘clean’ look.

    Oh, yeah: I added laminate flooring (over the carpet, matching the desk top) between the legs (just fits) to the opposite wall, so my chair rolls easily between the desks.

    Don’t forget to add Daylight bulbs!


    1. Thanks Mike for your thoughts. I like the shelf idea. Also I’m always struggling with the cable management and could use the flex tubing.

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