Migrate Chrome Extensions to Manifest V3

Google has released a timeline for the upgrade to manifest V3, which will force all extensions to be converted to V3 by January 2023. This is frustrating for many developers like me who have several extensions that I rarely update but will require significant changes to move to V3. I have to decide whether to migrate them or let them be deactivated.

This frustration made me realize this could be a massive opportunity for anyone who does migrate their extension to v3, and the five other clones are deactivated because the developers forget to migrate them. Over the next couple of months, I plan to find potential extensions that have not been upgraded in years and have high user counts. There could be several opportunities to build a new version in v3 that users will be forced to migrate to when the old extensions are shut down. I was able to do this with my URL Shortener Extension when Google shut down their shortener service.

What extensions do you use daily that have not been updated in years?


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One thought to “Migrate Chrome Extensions to Manifest V3”

  1. You make a good point. I never check how often the extensions I use are updated, but given the Manifest v3 transition, I’ll probably start to.

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