Weather Extension Updated

I am excited to announce Weather Extension has been updated to the latest browser extension manifest v3. Manifest V3 is part of a shift in the philosophy behind how extensions approach end-user security and privacy. Manifest V3 focuses on the three pillars of that vision: privacy, security, and performance, while preserving and improving our foundation of extensions. Overall these changes will make the extension more secure for the end-user.

Manifest v3 required a complete rewrite of many features, including the background task of how Weather Extension updates the temperature badge icon. Most of the issues should be resolved, but if you experience any issues, please let me know at [email protected].

Feature Request

Please send me an email if you have an idea or enhancement for Weather Extension: [email protected]

Dark Sky Shutting Down

Back in March 2020, Dark Sky announce they were acquired by Apple and were shutting down their API and site. This has caused a lot of confusion around the future of Weather Extension. Dark Sky API and the website will be shut down on March 31st, 2023.  My plan is to keep the extension running using other APIs and incorporate Apple’s new Weather Kit API that will offer similar data to Dark Sky.


Make sure you check out Weather Extension’s FAQ.


The process to leave a review in Chrome can be confusing. Here are some steps:

Go to Chrome Store and click Write A Review.

Then click on the stars, type your review, and click Publish.

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12 thoughts to “Weather Extension Updated”

  1. One small bug in the new version: If your Google Chrome “Page Zoom” setting (under Settings/Appearance/Page Zoom) is set to anything larger than 100%, the popup window is cropped and requires scrolling to show all the info…

  2. I feel your pain with the API issue. I went through something similar with my weather website masterweather when the api I was using shut down. I ended up just rewriting the whole thing in PHP myself. My site was down for awhile and there aren’t as many options as there used to be, but the main page is there and all the information I want is available. Good luck with whatever you end up doing to keep your extension running. It’s one of my favorites.

  3. Very nice blog post. Super explanation. You not only code well but write well.
    Thank you for what you do. I appreciate your efforts and hard work. and love of coding.

  4. This is a great weather app. It is laid out VERY well. All the info you could ever want pops up as a tool tip box when you hover over a time of day or below one of the days of the week. I like that the current radar is available by just clicking the icon in the lower left. Well done!

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