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Thanks ProductHunt and LifeHacker  for sharing my extension! Weather(Chrome | Firefox | Opera) extension now has over 170,000+ users. If you’re enjoying the extension, please consider donating.

Weather FAQ

Behind the App: Laravel News

Weather(Chrome | Firefox | Opera) extension is a quick and easy way to check the current weather and forecast without going to an external site. Here are some of the features.

  • Uses Dark Sky API
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Geolocation or custom location by address or zipcode
  • Choose Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Hourly forecast
  • 5 day forecast
  • 12h/24h time format
  • Weather Alerts
  • Chrome, Firefox, and Opera available

Update v3

A new and improved version is officially live! The free version has multiple new options for different metrics. Your settings should now sync between devices. The Pro version now supports multiple locations, severe weather alerts, precipitation alerts and many other features coming soon. If you’ve previously donated, please send me a message using the extension contact form and you’ll be updated to pro.


Update v2.7

Thanks for all the feedback. I’ve made several improvements. Please leave a comment if you find a bug.

New Features:

  • Added additional detail when hovering on a tile.
  • Icon in toolbar now updates to the current weather condition
  • Added additional daily tile for the current day
  • Added ‘feels like’ for current temperature and hourly temperature
  • Added weather alerts
  • Options for Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Options for 12h/24h time format

Weather Extension Update

Leave a comment below if you have any questions, feedback or a bug.

Thanks for reading. Make sure you follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on the progress of my side projects T.LYWeather Extension, and Link Shortener Extension. If you are interested in the tech I use daily, check out my uses page.  

94 thoughts to “Weather Extension”

  1. Added extension after Lifehacker article. Icon shows hours til sunset/ sunup, not temp. Under options I have it set to Fahrenheit and MPH, yellow temp color, but that has not changed anything. Also, Avast gave me a warning that this extension has a poor reputation (with no details.) What gives?

    1. What do you mean MPH? Are you sure you installed the right extension? Is it this one?

      The extension is new so that is why Avast gave you a warning. The code is open source and your welcome to review. Can you reply with a screenshot of what you’re seeing. Thanks!

      1. Sorry if I wasted your time, I had downloaded a similar looking extension. Now I have yours – works great, Bought you a coffee.

  2. Tim,
    Does your “location” feature include Zip+4 locationing? The reason I ask is that I live on an island and the weather is quite varied across the entire zip code. My home is on the coast whereas the zip code I’m associated with, is centrally located further inland. I realize I’m being a little bit picky, but after all, I believe my OCD is an atribute.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Without any address did the extension find you right location? It should find your longitude/latitude automatically. What is your 4 digit zipcode?

      1. Tim, what I mean by Zip+4 is the zip code formatted as: 12345-1234. The weather within my 5 digit zip code is several miles away and the temperature is several degrees different than my specific location along the coast. A 9 digit zip code is more accurate.

  3. Hi Tim,
    Thank you for this app! Installed with no issues. One feature I would like to see (am I missing something?) is the predicted high/low temp for the current day. Maybe in tiny print below the current temp?


  4. Hi Tim,

    Thanks again for the awesome app. As a bug report, I opened Chrome a few hours ago, and I noticed that the icon overlay temperature was listed as 72 degrees (it was in the low 80s at the time). About 10 minutes ago, I noticed that it still showed 72 degrees. Only after clicking it, and waiting for the popup content to populate, did the icon update to show the correct temperature (86).


    1. Thanks Ryan for the feedback. The extension checks for updates every 30 minutes and updates the badge icon. Does that answer your question?

      1. It doesn’t seem to have done that earlier today, where it was 72 when I first opened Chrome (real temp was in lower 80s), and then it was still 72 hours later, until I clicked the icon, and then it updated (to 86).

        Additionally, the icon image hasn’t changed at all today. it’s the default(?) sun/cloud/rain one and has been all day, even though it says it’s Mostly Cloudy right now in the popup.


  5. Really helpful. Especially when I’m at the desktop, instead of reaching for my phone. Really like the small popover window. Thanks so much!

  6. Hey Tim,

    Cool extension. One thing – the ‘Options’ seem to be greyed out when right-clicking on the extension itself. Am I missing something? So, currently I am shown the temp in F but I want to configure it as C, but can’t…any ideas?

    1. Ah, ignore me – posted too quickly. Have worked out how you’ve set up the options. Slightly confusing that Google give you ‘Options’ for the extension…but I guess I now understand.

    2. I’m not using the standard options link. Open up the extension and in the top right corner you’ll see a gear. That’s where you set settings. Let me know if this helps.

  7. Love it! Just one comment on the design. All weather symbols in the app are in stylish black and white but the toolbar icon is in color. Please add the option to have a monochrome toolbar button. Much clearer!

  8. I mentioned this before, but it would be great if you added a changelog (and linked somewhere, like in the Settings dropdown), so that users of your extension can easily see what has changed in each version. Ideally, it would be something like uBlock Origin’s changelog:


  9. Great extension! – One small request – I want my sunshine graphics to be yellow. (I suspect the whole black and white aesthetic is deliberate though)

  10. Hi Tim, I absolutely love your extension, bought you a coffee 🙂

    One suggestion: instead of a Celcius/Fahrenheit switch, how about an Metric/Imperial setting instead, which would also change mph to km/h and miles to kilometers (along with F/C, of course) ? As a non-American user, I would love that.

    Keep up the awesome work !

  11. Hi Tim,

    Awesome work. Sometimes I have trouble reading the temperature. I can’t tell if I need new glasses or the numbers are a bit small or not crisp.

    Also, have you thought about adding alerts so the icon changes color when there is an alert? Red for warning, Yellow for watch, Blue for none.


    1. Thanks! Are you on windows or mac?

      I’ve thought about changing the icon color depending on temperature but I could also do something for alerts. Thanks for the feedback!

  12. Hi Tim
    I’ve tried adding my address and zip code, but the App keeps showing the Hills of Lakeway. They are about 15-20 minutes from where I live. Is there a way to get the temp for my zip code? It’s 78734-3428. We sit up higher and it is hotter here then at The Hills. My Thermometer is showing 101 right now in the shade. I do like your App though. It sure beats Weather-bug.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. You should be able to enter your zipcode or leave it blank and the extension will try find your location automatically. For 78734-3428 I get Lakeway, TX. Is that not right?

  13. I see your icon with the temperature at the top of the screen. However, when I click the icon, I see either a tiny upper left corner of your window or nothing at all.

    Is there some chrome setting that is stopping your window from coming up? I had the same problem with another weather app, and never solved it – I gave up. I like what I see with your app, but I need the details in the window popup. I’m on the latest Chrome browser, Version 46.0.2490.86 m (as of 2015-1117)

    1. Can you email me a screenshot of what you are seeing. What operating system are you using? Do you have location severed turned off at an operating system level?

      1. I’m travelling but I’ll check when I get home on Friday. I do not have any problems with my laptop, which also runs Chrome on Win10 Pro 64

  14. Hi Tim,

    I ran across something very puzzling/interesting as I was attempting to add a location. Irkutsk Irkutskaya oblast’ appeared under Locations. As I never knew this city existed, I know I didn’t enter it. Consequently I’m curious as to how this occurred.

    Thanks for any info regarding this.


  15. Hi Tim! Really like your Weather extension. Any chance you could create an option to display the “feels like” temp in the toolbar icon (instead of just the air temperature)?

    I’ve tested a half-dozen such extensions and yours is the only one that seems to realize that feels-like temp could be important, now if I could only see it in my toolbar, I’d be a happy person!

    Thank you!

      1. Excellent, thanks!

        While I’m submitting wishes… 🙂 Would it be possible to have some sort of (slider?) control to change the relative size of the weather portion vs. temp digits portion of the toolbar icon?

        At the moment, the “sun” image I’m seeing occupies about 3/4 of the total icon area and the temp is in the bottom right 1/4. I was thinking of something which would allow me to make the temp digits larger (to help my aging eyeballs) and the weather image portion smaller. (I kind of know what shape the sun/cloud/et al. images will be, so they don’t need to be as large as they are — for me, anyway).

        Either way, one coffee, coming up. 🙂

        Thanks much!

  16. Hi Tim,

    I have your extension installed on my home computer (in Philadelphia, PA) and work computer (in Ambler, PA), both running the latest stable version of Chrome, and both are logged into my personal Google account and synced.

    I’ve noticed when I come home from work, open Chrome, and click the icon, it shows my work location the first time I click it, then when I click away (close the extension popup), then click again, it has updated to the correct home location. The same goes for when I open Chrome at work in the morning – the first click shows my home location, and the second click shows my work location.

    It appears there’s an issue where it doesn’t update to the correct/current location until after the first click. Any ideas?


    1. Hey Ryan,

      The extension will check periodically check for location changes. Most likely you are opening the extension before it has time to update the location. I can look into improving this so it will update immediately.

      Thanks Tim

  17. Dark Sky just released a new website called the old site mentions this as well. the new site is much nicer than the old site. It would be cool if you were to repoint the extension to the new site if possible.

    1. If you mouse over the day/time you can see C. Showing multiple locations is tough with limited room. I think most are similar b/c they are made for the majority of users. I’m open to any ideas you have.

  18. The URL couldn’t be validated. Callback verification failed with the following errors: HTTP Status Code = 404; HTTP Message = NOT FOUND

  19. Unlike Safari on our new iMac my Chrome browser does not show the time. I noticed that your Weather Extension had it but was ‘x’d over. I purchased Weather Extension Pro, at a greatly reduced price and was able to uncover the time ‘x’ (no pun intended), but I see no time anywhere. Did I misread or is it not available? Not complaining, just asking. I like what I see and will leave a review as soon as I become comfortable with the extension. Thanks.

  20. This seems pretty good so far. Not as detailed as the weather channels website, but for an extension it is pretty good. Has alot more than most the other extensions. Give it a try!

  21. Love the app, Tim. You’re doing great work.
    I do have a couple of questions about the radar map that pops up when you click on a day. Neither one is any kind of big deal. Is there a way to make the map go full screen? The full screen icon is gone. And, the maritime weather for the Straits of Jan de Fuca is gone. Will it be coming back? It was a useful feature for me.

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