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Thanks ProductHunt and LifeHacker  for sharing my extension! Weather(Chrome | Firefox | Opera) extension now has over 170,000+ users. If you’re enjoying the extension, please consider donating.

Weather FAQ

Behind the App: Laravel News

Weather(Chrome | Firefox | Opera) extension is a quick and easy way to check the current weather and forecast without going to an external site. Here are some of the features.

  • Uses Dark Sky API
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Geolocation or custom location by address or zipcode
  • Choose Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Hourly forecast
  • 5 day forecast
  • 12h/24h time format
  • Weather Alerts
  • Chrome, Firefox, and Opera available

Update v3

A new and improved version is officially live! The free version has multiple new options for different metrics. Your settings should now sync between devices. The Pro version now supports multiple locations, severe weather alerts, precipitation alerts and many other features coming soon. If you’ve previously donated, please send me a message using the extension contact form and you’ll be updated to pro.


Update v2.7

Thanks for all the feedback. I’ve made several improvements. Please leave a comment if you find a bug.

New Features:

  • Added additional detail when hovering on a tile.
  • Icon in toolbar now updates to the current weather condition
  • Added additional daily tile for the current day
  • Added ‘feels like’ for current temperature and hourly temperature
  • Added weather alerts
  • Options for Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Options for 12h/24h time format

Weather Extension Update

Leave a comment below if you have any questions, feedback or a bug.

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90 thoughts to “Weather Extension”

  1. Hi Tim,

    I have your extension installed on my home computer (in Philadelphia, PA) and work computer (in Ambler, PA), both running the latest stable version of Chrome, and both are logged into my personal Google account and synced.

    I’ve noticed when I come home from work, open Chrome, and click the icon, it shows my work location the first time I click it, then when I click away (close the extension popup), then click again, it has updated to the correct home location. The same goes for when I open Chrome at work in the morning – the first click shows my home location, and the second click shows my work location.

    It appears there’s an issue where it doesn’t update to the correct/current location until after the first click. Any ideas?


    1. Hey Ryan,

      The extension will check periodically check for location changes. Most likely you are opening the extension before it has time to update the location. I can look into improving this so it will update immediately.

      Thanks Tim

  2. Dark Sky just released a new website called the old site mentions this as well. the new site is much nicer than the old site. It would be cool if you were to repoint the extension to the new site if possible.

    1. If you mouse over the day/time you can see C. Showing multiple locations is tough with limited room. I think most are similar b/c they are made for the majority of users. I’m open to any ideas you have.

  3. The URL couldn’t be validated. Callback verification failed with the following errors: HTTP Status Code = 404; HTTP Message = NOT FOUND

  4. Unlike Safari on our new iMac my Chrome browser does not show the time. I noticed that your Weather Extension had it but was ‘x’d over. I purchased Weather Extension Pro, at a greatly reduced price and was able to uncover the time ‘x’ (no pun intended), but I see no time anywhere. Did I misread or is it not available? Not complaining, just asking. I like what I see and will leave a review as soon as I become comfortable with the extension. Thanks.

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