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Over the past 5 years, Weather Extension has gone through many changes. The first version was pretty basic. It showed the hourly and daily forecast. Over time I’ve added the ability to add multiple locations, weather alerts, translated the extension to 32 languages, support for multiple different metrics, interactive radar, inspirational quotes, and more!

Version 5 brings a bold new design to Weather Extension.  The first thing you will notice is the background image that will change depending on the weather conditions. I also made sure to keep all the same weather data points so many users have come to appreciate and use on a daily basis. So far the reviews have been wonderful. What do you think Weather Extension will look like in the next 5 years?

2020 Weather Extension v5

2019 Weather Extension v4

2015 Weather Extension v2


Weather Extension Screenshot 2015-2020

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50 thoughts to “Weather Extension v5”

  1. This new version is awesome! I am totally loving it! Thanks so much for rolling it out for us to use. 10 Stars!

  2. First thing I noticed was the clear precise info for weather in my region. Graphics are fantastic. Info for future days are even better than before. So greatly appreciate the new design and info. Thanka

  3. Have updated for Chrome. The new extension is very attractive and clear. Thank you very much for continuing to develop it.

  4. Hi Tim, Love Weather Extension, It looks great, it works fantastic, it’s the only weather software I use, keep up the great work

  5. Hello Tim !
    Beautiful work you have make to modify the extension… Very nice and useful I Love it !

  6. Hi Tim,

    LOVE THE NEW LOOK! it’s awesome. It was a wonderful surprise when I looked at the weather this morning.

    thank you!

  7. Will my installation of your Weather extension (Firefox) update automatically to V5? My version is 4.3.256.

  8. I maybe a bit of a weather freak, I have a lot of Windows and Android weather apps and applications and have a ton of weather urls bookmarked. This absolutely the best way to get the weather. It look really nice and is much, much, much faster than any other app, probably because it is already in an open browser window. And it has all the weather info you could want, just by hovering.

  9. Wonderful work. Clear, concise but still exceptional aesthetics. The expand-from-center, semi-transparent details pop-ups are a work of art. All the important info visible at a glance with more details available on mouse-over.

    Suggestion / request:
    Can the radar default to no animation showing a still of current radar image instead of starting the time-lapse animation by default? (or an option for animate by default yes/no)
    And, can we have an option to show only most recent 2 hours time-lapse (instead of 6)?

    Maybe other areas are different, but in northeast Ohio, only the most recent 2 hours of radar is really relevant to what might happen soon.

  10. All of the comments about version 5 appear appealing, however, I am driven to wonder if any of these fabulous reviews are about the Firefox extension? Any ideas about just when the update will be available for Firefox? Or is it only going to be for Chromium browsers??? All links in the homepage for Weather go to the Mozilla Add-Ons page which shows the 4.3.256 version as being the latest for Firefox.

  11. My Edge browser extension just updated this morning; woot! I love the new design; very nice layout, and still functional. I don’t think I ever heard what service you went to when Dark Sky went to Apple; what are you using?

    Thanks again for the terrific extension; I’ll be “buying you a coffee” later today! 🙂

  12. The weather this extension gives is simply estatic and true….. It gave me the right weather; One day, when I planned for a long trip I chose to see the weather here and it said thunderstorms and hopefully I did decide to stay when it was a huge storm…

  13. Very useful on my EDGE browser. So much easier to remember to lift my eyes from my keyboard to find the temperature. Sometimes one looks for iPhone for weather app, (must find phone, click here, and there…) but here it’s ideal just to look at the corner of the monitor. The app was quite simple to load as an extension with no crashing. That is what is most appreciated. Thank you, young man!

  14. I just added your weather app extension to my old chromebook 11. i will be glad to let you know in a few weeks what i think about it. would you happen to have any thoughts and or advise for me on an old chromebook 11 that has ran out of automatic updates?

  15. I just added a review about your weather extension.

    Jim Modified 1 second ago
    It is so nice to be able to access the weather without opening a new tab. I really like the functionality and depth of this app.

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