I’ve been working on a new site called Besides being on an awesome io domain name thanks to, it’s a simple site that displays a weather-related background image and the current weather conditions. It also supports changing locations and F/C options. I’m working on adding new features and would love to hear what people think.

Leave a comment below of what you would like to see in a simple weather site.

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8 thoughts to “”

  1. Looks good, which has a lot to do with the photo. If I knew how I would make the edges of the temp box more transparent so the photo can be enjoyed

  2. Great looking site! It would be even better with a discrete “About” link in one of the corners, maybe top left or bottom right? Users like me are curious about where the data is coming from, I’m assuming you’re using the Dark Sky API like you do for the browser extension?

    1. Thanks! Currently the data is coming from yahoo weather but in the future I plan to add different weather providers. I’ll add an about page as well.

  3. Just noticed–you have the hourly forecast resting on top of the weekly forecast. In one neat compartment that loads in a second.

    I don’t think I’ve seen that handy setup elsewhere.

    And it makes me wonder why that same information requires two separate screens and what seems like five minutes of downloading, even with an adblocker, at sites like wunderground.

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