How To Find PHP.ini File

Depending on the version and operating system, PHP can be installed in multiple locations. Fortunately, you can quickly locate the PHP.ini file by running this command:

php --ini

How to Edit PHP.ini file

Look for Loaded Configuration File from the output, then edit the file using nano.

sudo nano /opt/homebrew/etc/php/8.0/php.ini

How to Replace Honda Pilot Console Cup Holder (2009-2015)

Over time the Honda Pilot 2009-2015 cup holders wear out and start to fall apart. The insert is made of cheap foam that is not very well designed. Fortunately, the replacement foam is easy to replace and only takes a few minutes.

Steps To Replace Foam Insert

  1. Purchase replacement foam insert from Amazon
  2. Pull up evenly on all sides. The plastic cover is held in place by 6 clips
  3. Replace the foam insert and reattach the plastic cover

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