PUBG has been out on Xbox for over a year now. The devs have been working on improving the game but it still has issues loading building. This is especially apparent on Vikendi when landing castle. The one solution that improves performance, is an external SSD. This allows you to load buildings and guns quicker. It also appears to prevent glitches when driving across the map when objects fail to load.

Lots of players now are using SSD’s so you are at a real disadvantage if you do not. For around $50, I highly recommend getting an SSD. Here is a tutorial on how to transfer games to the SSD.

Link to Buy SSD Hard drive

John Deere Gator XUV Battery Mod

The battery life for the John Deere Gator XUV made by Peg Perego is around 25 minutes. I wanted to see if it was possible to double the battery life. After some research, I decided the best option was to add an additional 12v 12Ah battery in parallel. This would double the battery life without increasing the voltage. Increasing the voltage could damage the motor.


Parts Needed

Useful Git Aliases

If you’re a software developer, you most likely use git. Many people are not aware that you can create an alias for commands. Creating alias will make commands easier to remember and quicker to type. Here are some of my favorite git alias I use on a regular basis.

Short for git status

alias gs="git status"

Quickly commit with wip message

alias wip='git add . && git commit -m "wip"'

Updates your branch and submodules

alias gpa = "!git pull --rebase --prune [email protected] && git submodule update --init --recursive"

Reset all changes (use with caution)

alias nah="git reset --hard && git clean -df"


Leave a comment below on your favorite alias commands.

Alternatives to Google Url Shortener

About a year ago, Google announced they would be shutting down their URL shortener service March 30, 2019. has been around since 2009. This is unfortunate because so many people rely on for creating short links. is a good choice if you need to shorten a few URLs, but once you go over the free plan (10,000 a month), you have to upgrade to their enterprise edition which cost around $1,000 a month.

Fortunately, there are a few free options such as tinyurl,,, and Also, there are extensions such as Link Shortener, that allow you to shorten links in one click using multiple different shorteners. If you have a need to shorten URLs, giveĀ  Link Shortener a try!