DIY Outdoor Wyze Camera

Wyze recently released its outdoor camera that everyone has been anticipating. They look great and are priced affordably for an outdoor battery-powered camera. I went ahead and preordered 1 for $64.78 shipping in August 2020. But this post is not going to be about the battery-powered Wyze camera.

People have been putting the Wyze v2 camera outdoors for years now and they tend to hold up really well, especially if they are in a plastic housing under the eave of a house. I recently installed a Wyze v2 indoor camera outside and so far it has worked great!

The tricky part with a USB camera is getting power run to it. I had to get creative to hide the USB cord. I purchased a 25 ft long USB cable and mounted the camera in an outdoor plastic housing. I had to cut a hole in the ceiling of my garage to reach the cable. Besides balancing way too high a ladder, it was a smooth install.

Since I flash the Wyze camera with RTSP, I am able to display them on my home dashboard monitor.

Parts List




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