Retrofit LED Can Lights

Did you know that if you currently have recessed lights, you can easily replace them with LED lights in a few minutes? You remove the old housing for the can light and screw in the new led light.  It can be done in a couple of minutes. The Sunco retrofit lights will fit a 5 or 6 inch and look great. I decided to go with 3000K warm white which we like for our kitchen. Use the guide below to decide what would work best for your situation. Read More

DIY Outdoor Wyze Camera

Wyze recently released its outdoor camera that everyone has been anticipating. They look great and are priced affordably for an outdoor battery-powered camera. I went ahead and preordered 1 for $64.78 shipping in August 2020. But this post is not going to be about the battery-powered Wyze camera.

People have been putting the Wyze v2 camera outdoors for years now and they tend to hold up really well, especially if they are in a plastic housing under the eave of a house. I recently installed a Wyze v2 indoor camera outside and so far it has worked great! Read More

Autonomous Review: The Best Affordable Standing Desk

I’ve been using a standing desk for over 5 years now and really enjoy being able to sit and stand throughout the day. There are many health benefits of a standing desk that I will not cover in this post, but I will say being able to stand and work has helped me stay healthy while working at a desk for extended periods of time.

Since working from home, I’ve needed more desk space for additional monitors. My previous standing desk was only 4 ft long and my 34″ monitor spanned almost the entire desk. Autonomous was kind enough to send me a desk to review. Read More