Learn A New Language With Toucan

Recently I discovered a new extension called Toucan that helps you learn a new language while you browse the web. Once you install Toucan, you will go through their onboarding experience that will ask you what language you want to learn and it will teach you how the extension works. Now when you visit any website, it will replace certain words with the language you are trying to learn. Words that have been converted by Toucan will be highlighted to make them stand out. You can also hover over them to see the word in your native language. Wikipedia articles are a great way to test out Toucan.

Toucan currently supports Chrome but the team is working on a Firefox and Safari version. Toucan will teach you Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and more languages coming soon! Personally, I have always wanted to learn Spanish. What language would you like to learn?

Chrome Hiding Extension Icons By Default

Back in June 2019, Google Chrome started hiding extension icons by default when users first install a new extension. This can be very frustrating as a developer that users may not know how to “Pin” the extension to their toolbar. In my case, my Weather Extension, Link Shortener Extension, and Bitcoin Extension are all toolbar extensions that need to be pinned for easy access.

Instead of allowing extension icons to appear one after another to the right of the search box, the Chrome Extensions Platform team is trying out a design change that hides the graphical buttons in a menu accessed by a puzzle piece icon. Personally, I believe this is causing a lot of confusion and needs to be changed. If the extension has a click action, it needs to be pinned by default. This would allow the user to immediately see the extension and try it. Then they can always unpin it later. To me it’s strange to install something then it disappear into the menu. Read More