Money in Javascript

When accepting money online, it is important to be accurate. Just one cent off and your customers may lose trust in your application. That is why it is  It is important to understand how Javascript handles decimals.

By default, Javascript does not have a decimal datatype but it does have a Number type, which can be used as an integer or a double precision float. Because it’s a binary representation of a base 10 system, you end up with inaccurate results when you try to do the math. Read More

Will iPhone X cases work for the Xs?

With the preorder of my new iPhone Xs, I was faced with this question, “Will iPhone X cases work for the Xs?”. After some research, it appeared all cases for the iPhone X would work for the Xs. Unfortunately, after ordering the Torras case, I discovered this is not true.

The iPhone Xs has a larger camera lens and some iPhone X cases will not fit. Luckily the Torras reached out and offered to send me the iPhone Xs version of the case at no extra charge. Great customer service!

I would recommend ordering iPhone cases that is designed to fit the Xs to ensure the camera lens is not covered. The Spigen Liquid Crystal is a good option if you want a minimal case.

What case do you plan to use? Read More

iPhone Upgrade Program Worth It?

TL;DR Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program is actually a good deal if you plan to upgrade to the latest iPhone every year.

Apple’s events are always exciting to see what new devices and features they release. After using the iPhone 7 the past 2 years it was time to upgrade to the new iPhone. I usually preorder my phones on Verizon’s site but it so happens that this year, Verizon’s site was being overloaded. After trying multiple times I decided to try Apple’s site to buy the new iPhone. Apple’s site worked great and had integration with all the major carriers. I was able to get the iPhone Xs 256gb in space grey. Before finishing the pre-order, I was presented with three options. The iPhone Upgrade ProgramVerizon Device Payment Program, or One-time payment. After some quick math at 3am, the thought of getting a new phone each year, and AppleCare+, I decided to go with the iPhone Upgrade Program.  Compare the Upgrade Options Read More

How to Enable Autocomplete in Mac Terminal

Usually in a Unix/Linux terminal when you press tab it will autocomplete with several options and then it will list the options below for you to select. This is a great feature if you spend a lot of time in the terminal. You could install ZSH to get these features or if you are like me and like to keep things simple, you can enable autocomplete in the mac terminal using bash.

Enable auto-complete in Mac Os terminal

  1. Type in terminal nano ~/.inputrc
  2. Paste the following on separate lines
  3. set completion-ignore-case on
    set show-all-if-ambiguous on
    TAB: menu-complete
  4. Hit control+O to save changes to .inputrc followed by control+X to exit nano
  5. Open a new Terminal window or tab to open a new session with autocomplete enabled
  6. Type and hit the tab key

Let me know if this is helpful in the comments below!