Seth’s First, ten

Seth’s post titled First, ten from back in 2009 is still relevant today. If you are building a product, finding your first ten users can be challenging but they are the first step to 100 then a 1,000 and so on.

Plan on the gradual build that turns into a tidal wave.

Be patient and stay motivated. Three years ago when I made the first commit for my weather extension, I never could have imaged it would have grown to over 200,000 active users. I was focused on the first 10 users and listened to their feedback. With many ups and downs, it has been a great journey so far. Here’s to another new year!

2 thoughts to “Seth’s First, ten”

  1. Tim, I’m curious: Did you build the weather extension because you’re a huge weather fan, or because it would be popular because there are so many people looking for a useful weather app?

    1. Great question, Beverly. Originally I created the extension for myself because I wanted a one click solution for quickly checking the weather. There weren’t many good options available in the chrome store, so I decided to create one myself.

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