Scooch Wingman Case Review

Everyone has a different opinion on phone cases these days. Some people are willing to take the risk and go no case while others go hardcore and carry their phone around in a bulletproof enclosure that they could throw off a building. If you ever see the “no casers”, they often have a cracked screen 😂. I am more in the middle and like a minimal yet protected case for my phone. Knock on wood, so far I have never cracked a phone screen.

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Retrofit LED Can Lights

Did you know that if you currently have recessed lights, you can easily replace them with LED lights in a few minutes? You remove the old housing for the can light and screw in the new led light.  It can be done in a couple of minutes. The Sunco retrofit lights will fit a 5 or 6 inch and look great. I decided to go with 3000K warm white which we like for our kitchen. Use the guide below to decide what would work best for your situation. Read More