Dealing with Time Warner Cable

If you’re a Time Warner Cable customer, you have probably had a similar experience as I have. I’ve been a loyal customer for over 5 years (partially because I have no other options). When my promotion expires, I have the same conversation with TWC customer representatives.

“Hi my bill just increased and if I can’t get a better rate I would like to cancel my service.”

The way TWC works is that they offer the great deals to new customers. Once your promotion expires your bill will gradual increase to around double your initial promotional rate. Without changing my plan my rate has gone from $90 a month to $138 in the past 3 years. This may not seem like much but over the course of a year it adds up ($480). I would also like to note that every time my promotion runs out I call and spend 30-60 minutes trying to get a better rate. Usually they reduce my bill by half of the initial increase. This is frustrating and explains why TWC is considered one of the most hated companies in the US.

Recently I received this letter from TWC. It states that even though my bill will be increasing $21.51 that they are pleased to offer me a great new price. 🙂

Time Warner Cable Letter


How to keep your TWC bill as low as possible

Buy your modem

If you have internet service you should buy your own modem to save on the monthly modem fee (currently $8). Be sure to buy the correct modem based on your internet speed. I currently use Motorola SB6121 and it works great.

Call TWC

When your promotion ends, call TWC and ask for a new deal or promotion. Be as kind and patient as possible. I usually talk to over 4 representatives before I’m done.

Reach out on social media

I’ve read several stories about people having success on Twitter and Facebook.

Get straight to the point

The TWC representative will keep you on the phone all day asking all sorts of questions. On my most recent call I had to give them my phone number four times, my passcode twice, I was transferred twice, asked what channels I watch, and what I did on the internet. To finally get on a new promotion I had to talked with 4 different representatives and it took 30 minutes.

Hope these tips help you to lower your TWC bill. Please leave a comment below on your experience and what has worked for you.


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2 thoughts to “Dealing with Time Warner Cable”

  1. Another thought…

    Most people seem to have at least two adults in the house. When the same thing happend to me. I called, told them I wanted the same thing I had before, they refused, I told them I will cancel the service unless they did so. They again said no. I cancelled the service…

    That was totally unexpected as most threaten that but never do that. They were shocked and tried to talk me out of it. Again with the new customer ‘stuff’. They then immediately offered what they said was their best deal to existing customers. I said ‘no thanks’ and hung up.

    The next day, my GF called as a new customer and got that great deal I had previously for another two years. We plan to repeat when her plan ends.

    You have no real ‘power’ in negotiating unless you are willing to walk away.

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