How to Market Browser Extensions

For the past year and a half I’ve been testing different ways to market my Weather Extension. Currently Weather has over 125,000 users. Here are some of the strategies that have worked well for me:

  1. Share the extension wherever you can. Hacker News, Product Hunt, Reddit, etc.
  2. Create a landing page and promotional video
  3. Ask your current users for feedback and improve your extension
  4. Work with other extension developers to promote and share
  5. Improve your extension listings with images and descriptions
  6. Submit your extension to sites like Lifehacker
  7. Ask your current users to share. Giving them a free upgrades help
  8. Start a blog where you discuss updates and features
  9. Don’t give up!  It takes time and persistent to promote anything

Would love to hear from other extension creators on how the promote their extensions. Leave a comment below!

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7 thoughts to “How to Market Browser Extensions”

  1. Nice article and helped me to answer my question. I recently created a Chrome extension called Dmooji. It lets users to send live comments on every Youtube video and see others comments.

    For the number 6, how to submit your extension to sites like Lifehacker?

  2. Thank you for the helpful tips. I think in general is about persistence.
    I made a chrome extension and it’s really hard to promote it.

  3. Thanks, this is a great list. It may feel like a lost cause when you do not see any new download for days together. Persistence is the key. We just released our new chrome extension snackwyze and hope to follow this great list of resources to promote it. Will definitely share our experiences with this forum! Thank you!

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