How to Setup Ecobee and Geofence using Homekit

I recently set up two ecobee4 smart thermostats in my home. I choose ecobee over nest because of the native Homekit integration. The overall installation was not too difficult since I had existing C-wire’s in both of my units.

One of the biggest features smart thermostats give you over a standard thermostat with a schedule is the ability to know whether you are home or away. They can do this by using the built-in motion sensors which exist in the thermostat and remote temperature sensors or a geofence using your phone’s GPS. Geofence is my preferred method because if someone is home and decides to take a nap, the thermostat could go into away mode while geofence knows your true location and can set the thermostat in Home or Away mode.

Since my family only uses iOS devices, Homekit made geofence possible but it was a little complicated to set up. First off, geofence and automation require a smart hub using an Apple Tv 4k, Apple Homepod or iPad.  Next, enable Homekit on your ecobee using the ecobee app but don’t enable geofence within the app. The geofence option inside the ecobee app will only allow one iPhone to control whether the system is in Home or Away mode. Once Homekit is enabled, go to the Home app on your iPhone device and invite other family members to your home. Also, make sure you enable the Allow Remote Access and Allow Editing for each family member. Next, go to the Automation tab and add new automation for when people arrive and people leave. The key is to set up the ecobee scene for Arrive Home to be When Anyone Arrives Home and the Leave Home scene to be triggered When The Last Person Leaves Home. This will make sure the thermostat will only go to Away mode when nobody is home.

Most of the guides that describe how to get geofence to work with multiple family members require the use of multiple apps such as Life360 and IFTTT. This seemed overly complicated and prone to error. If your family uses iOS devices you should be able to follow the steps above to setup multiple family member geo fence with the ecobee. I have been using this setup for several days and it has worked flawlessly. Hope these steps help you get your ecobee setup!

9 thoughts to “How to Setup Ecobee and Geofence using Homekit”

  1. Absolutely!
    4th Gen Apple Tv.
    iPhones (Xs, 7, 6s)

    I have setup HomeKit on Ecobee and Apple Tv. I have also invited and they have accepted on the other two phones (Xs is the primary). We can all Control and Edit/Access devices/scenes/etc. Under Automation I have set up When Anyone Arrives home to active the Arrive Home scene. Also, under Last Person Leaves Home, I have activated the Leave Home Scene.

    However, I have no indication that it is working. So, question number 1. How do I know if it is working in the app?

    We have taken all three phones away from home and nothing changes. I have even turned off the Smart Home/Away and the Follow Me functions. Then I put all three phones into airplane mode and then turned off location services on all three phones. The system did not change.

    What have I missed?

    1. Sounds like every you have is correct. The easiest way to test is open the Home app -> go to Automation tab -> pick your automation -> click Test This Automation

  2. I did! In the end, I called tech support for Ecobee and they emailed me an article that outlined everything for me. I double checked everything and it seems to be working fine!

    One thing I will add, I found it necessary to create another Automation that says that even if we are all home, at 10 pm Resume schedule. That way it doesn’t stay in Home mode throughout the night.

    Thanks again! Have a great Christmas!

  3. Hi Tim!

    Question… Have you figured out a way to extend the Geofence boundaries not using the Ecobee Geofence in HomeKit under Integrations? As soon as I use it, it messes up my automation I have setup for my multi-family in Home by adding two additional automations (additional Arrive Home and Leave Home) for my phone only.

    My desire would be to have the Geofence boundaries a couple of miles from home so that my Ecobee is already switched to Home or Resume Schedule before pulling in the garage.



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