Fix Cabinet Doors that Overlap

Recently we had our kitchen cabinets painted and new hinges installed. Everything looked great but the cabinet doors overlapped slightly on the edge due to the new hinges and additional paint. We knew this would cause a lot of frustration and we had to find a way to fix it.

Most suggestions online were to sand or cut the edge of the cabinet door. I felt like this may work but could ruin the cabinet doors. Other solutions were for concealed hinges that had the ability to adjust the position of the doors. After some searching, I finally came across a video that had a simple solution to the problem. The magic tool was a dish towel wedged in between the doors to slightly bend the hinges into the correct position. It took about 5 minutes to fix all my cabinet doors. I love finding a simple solution to a problem!

10 thoughts to “Fix Cabinet Doors that Overlap”

  1. Contact a company to fix it. The same problem happened to me and they fixed it. It’s not expensive.

  2. Thanks Tim. Before my huspand passed away last year he showed me to put a pot holder (folded in half) just like you showed with a towel. Never have been bothered again with that problem as long as I keep pot holders!!

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