Amazon Drive Chrome Extension

If you use Amazon Drive you may have seen the message, “We don’t support playback of videos longer than 20 minutes.” 

After some research I discovered a way to get around this using javascript. I decided to create a Chrome Extension (source) to allow playback of videos over 20 minutes. You will have to manually add the extension. Try it out and let me know what you think.

  • “We don’t support playback of videos longer than 20 minutes.”
  • “Playback is supported for videos up to 20 minutes in length.”
  • “Video is too long for playback”
  • “Video is too large for playback”

Amazon Drive Review 2017

After researching cloud storage providers, I decided to use Amazon Drive. Their main selling points for me were unlimited storage for $59.99 a year and their data security and integrity.

I use Amazon Drive to backup of files, photos and videos. So far I’ve managed to use 131.7 GB, which isn’t as much as I thought I would use. Unlimited storage is great but they know most people will only use so much. Read More