Amazon Drive Chrome Extension

If you use Amazon Drive you may have seen the message, “We don’t support playback of videos longer than 20 minutes.” 

After some research I discovered a way to get around this using javascript. I decided to create a Chrome Extension (source) to allow playback of videos over 20 minutes. You will have to manually add the extension. Try it out and let me know what you think.

  • “We don’t support playback of videos longer than 20 minutes.”
  • “Playback is supported for videos up to 20 minutes in length.”
  • “Video is too long for playback”
  • “Video is too large for playback”

12 thoughts to “Amazon Drive Chrome Extension”

  1. It worked for some types of files (mp4), but not others (wmv). Very cool regardless. Unfortunately, it looks like some recent upgrades to the AWS interface have broken this extension. 🙁

          1. Sadly, I edited the file and installed the extension however I still get the 20 minute restriction.

            Thanks anyway! D:

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