Amazon Drive Review 2017

After researching cloud storage providers, I decided to use Amazon Drive. Their main selling points for me were unlimited storage for $59.99 a year and their data security and integrity.

I use Amazon Drive to backup of files, photos and videos. So far I’ve managed to use 131.7 GB, which isn’t as much as I thought I would use. Unlimited storage is great but they know most people will only use so much.

Over the past 2 years I’ve really enjoyed using Amazon Drive. They have made several improvements to the desktop and iPhone app. My only complaint is when you try stream videos over 20 minutes you get the message, “We don’t support playback of videos longer than 20 minutes.” Your only option is to download the video. Here is a chrome extension I created that can get around this limitation.


  • Unlimited storage for $5 a month
  • Desktop app that allows uploading, downloading and folder syncing
  • iPhone app for automatic photo/video backup
  • Easily share files and folders with private links
  • Third party apps that allow you to do more
  • Retains quality of images and videos

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