The Best Office Chair

Many people have transitioned to “Work From Home” and maybe still using their old basic office chair. Cheap office chairs are made with low-quality materials and can cause health issues. Choosing the right office chair can impact your life tremendously. Just think of how much time your spend sitting. It might not seem important, but it’s not worth the detrimental consequences for you, your productivity, and your health when it comes to your long-term health.

Just think that you’ll spend the better part of your days glued to the office chair you choose. Choose wrong, and you will suffer all sorts of health issues like backaches. A good office chair can work wonders for your back. It works by improving your posture, reducing unnecessary back pains, and reducing hip pressure. The average office worker may be sitting in the wrong office chair for long periods, and that same chair could be causing severe health problems. Using an ergonomic office chair can drastically improve your posture, reduce back pain and ultimately improve productivity.

 Steelcase Gesture

The Steelcase Gesture is the best office chair but it is not cheap. If you sit for long periods, the cost spread over time will be worth it. Your future self will thank you. I’ve used several office chairs over the years, and they are not as comfortable. They tend to wear out quickly and do not provide the same quality as a more expensive chair built to last. With the combination of a good office chair, an ergonomic mouse, an ergonomic keyboard, and a standing desk, your productivity and health will significantly improve. If you work for long periods on a computer, you should consider upgrading your setup to focus on your health.

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