Chrome Extension Keyboard Shortcuts

Wanted to share a quick tip on using keyboard shortcuts to activate chrome extensions. Up until now it never occurred to me to use a keyboard shortcut to activate an extension, but thanks to a user of my weather extension, I now have command + Ctrl + W mapped to open Weather. To setup your own keyboard shortcuts, browser to chrome://extensions/shortcuts. Leave a comment below of what other keyboard shortcuts you prefer.


5 thoughts to “Chrome Extension Keyboard Shortcuts”

  1. Looks like this is no longer working (August 2018). Any keyboard shortcuts I set aren’t remembered, and the option for creating extension shortcuts has vanished from the Extensions listing.

      1. Version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit).

        I can see the chrome://extensions/shortcuts page. It’s just that whatever I set there — for any extension at all — isn’t saved. None of the shortcuts I set work.

        I’ve tried restarting Chrome. I don’t really want to try wiping all my settings for obvious reasons.

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