Chrome Extension Keyboard Shortcuts

Wanted to share a quick tip on using keyboard shortcuts to activate chrome extensions. Up until now it never occurred to me to use a keyboard shortcut to activate an extension, but thanks to a user of my weather extension, I now have command + Ctrl + W mapped to open Weather. To setup your own keyboard shortcuts, browser to chrome://extensions/shortcuts. Leave a comment below of what other keyboard shortcuts you prefer.


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15 thoughts to “Chrome Extension Keyboard Shortcuts”

  1. Looks like this is no longer working (August 2018). Any keyboard shortcuts I set aren’t remembered, and the option for creating extension shortcuts has vanished from the Extensions listing.

      1. Version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit).

        I can see the chrome://extensions/shortcuts page. It’s just that whatever I set there — for any extension at all — isn’t saved. None of the shortcuts I set work.

        I’ve tried restarting Chrome. I don’t really want to try wiping all my settings for obvious reasons.

        1. Thought I’d update here. The issue is that certain modifier key combos aren’t permitted. The trouble is that Chrome doesn’t realise this, so lets you set them — and then forgets them.

          I wanted to use Option(Alt)+Cmd+1 for a combo. It can’t work. INstead I have to use Shift+Cmd+1. That DOES work.

        2. its by the upper left corner, where you see the word “extensions” there is that three bar button. click it then you will see the shortcuts options.

          1. The three bar button does open a menu with the option “shortcuts”, but for me the page is blank whether I click that option or navigate directly to chrome://extensions/shortcuts.

            Version 72.0.3626.121 on Linux Mint Cinnamon.

            It’s a shame, this feature would be super useful.

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